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E-Commerce is massive and set to rapidly increase over the next 1 - 5 years. A lot of brick and mortar retail shops are going out of business as a result. There is no better time to capitalise on this than NOW. Many business owners consider E-commerce to be a gold rush!
At Altitude, we have you covered. We build bespoke, captivating E-Commerce websites. It is now absolutely crucial to have a well designed website that is clean and user friendly. This helps build trust the second a customer lands on your site with the intent on buying.
Our primary focus is to build you a robust, well structured website that's optimised to deliver conversions. We understand how steps to the buying process must be laid out clearly for the customer.
All of our plans come with a FREE SSL certificate installed on the site. That way customers are secured when they reach the checkout process.
We build our E-commerce sites using WooCommerce. Its a plugin build on top of WordPress. It allows you to:
  • Process orders
  • Create and edit products
  • Manage customer details
  • Process refunds
  • Fulfil orders
  • Set shipping rates
  • Create discounts and promotions
  • Handle integrations such as eBay and Amazon
We have very flexible pricing for our e-Commerce stores starting at just £1,495. This is great for start up's and small retail businesses looking to get online. That said, we work with large established brands that have 1000's of SKU's. We will handle migration of these from an existing platform or import from scratch.

We help scale your business online

If you want to hit high numbers in revenue, we can help. We offer an online marketing service to get eyes on your product. We use both Google and Facebook advertising to achieve this.
Not only will we help you hit scale but we can help your get processes and software tools in place to build autonomy around your business. This could include services such as:
  • Getting your product to fulfilment centres
  • Setting up a support ticket system
  • Automatic shipping label generation
  • Bulk upload of new products
  • Facebook messenger bots
  • Sourcing suppliers from overseas
  • Product packaging services
  • Email auto responders
  • Email list marketing
We'd love to have a one on one consultation to find out more about your business and your goals. There is no obligation to move forward after this. At the very least you'll be well equipped with great advice.
Get in touch today and we can have a great conversation about your business.
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