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My name is Gavin McIntosh, I'm the owner of Altitude Design. I operate as an independent web developer, web designer, SEO practitioner and digital marketer.
Throughout the Altitude Design website you will notice I refer to Altitude Design as "We". It's important to know, Altitude Design is not a large scale agency. I run a small vetted team whereby I outsource some tasks to those who are experts in their own right. This is purely to help deliver projects on time when needed. The benefit of not running a large scale agency is that I can provide a far greater service. I can really understand the business, its goals and funnel that into a project.
Most agencies care about their bottom line, I care about your bottom line. I will only work with clients where I know I can add value. Here are some of the reasons we should work together:
  • I know what i'm doing. I have worked with large corporations such as Lloyds Banking Group to small local business. Each of these have their challenges and I have been through them.
  • I wont hold you hostage. No, really I wont. I can host your website or manage ongoing campaigns but there is absolutely lock in contract what so ever. I want to get you results. That's what will make you stay.
  • Plain English reports. I will give you a breakdown of work done and why. More importantly, I wont confuse you with technical jargon. I'll explain the details in a way that makes sense to you.
  • I'll tell you the truth. The last thing I want to do is bs you. If your existing website is rubbish I will tell you without being rude. Please don't take offence as it's probably not your fault. A new web build is usually the starting point to kick things off online.
  • I produce lasting results. I only work with custom built websites. That way they perform well, look great and rank in google search. If you are looking for a theme or template, this is not the place.
  • You WILL get what you pay for. Following on the the point above. If you are looking for a 'cheap website', again this is not the place. If you work with me, we will do it once and do it right. It will be built to last, scale, and deliver ROI.
  • I Actually care. The only way my business can survive is by doing the best quality of work. I'm not in this as a churn and burn money making scheme. Firstly, I want clients to love my work and be happy. Secondly, I want my clients to refer me and leave positive testimonials. Sadly a lot of agencies do not care about this.
  • I work with a select number of clients. The only way I can provide the best work is by focusing on a small number of clients at a time. This means I will have a laser focused attention when it come to building your site or running campaigns.


  • I do training - Once your site is built and ready to hand over, I won't leave you in the dark. I'll do a full training session explaining how to edit and access anything you need. I will also be on had for ongoing support.
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